Bergkäse Genussbunker Premium

Maturity period: at least 14 months, at least 12 months in the natural cave


Mountain cheese made from raw milk. The first 2 months, this cheese is maintained and stored in the cheese factory. Once the mountain cheese has his rind, the cheeses are stored in the natural stone bunker and maintained there for up to 2 years. Due to the special ripening climate in the bunker, the end product captivates with its special aroma and the creamy consistency, which is something special for a cheese of this age.


Maturity period: at least 10 months, at least 8 months in the natural cave


BergGenuss is a semi-hard cheese made from one part thermised milk and the other part raw milk. After about two months of maturation and care in the dairy, this special cheese  comes into the natural stone bunker. There he is cared for at least 8 months by the cheese master before he reaches his perfect aroma and impresses with his exceptionally creamy cheese dough.


Blauer Höhlengenuss                                                                   

Maturity period: at least 5 months, at least 4 months in the natural cave


A blue cheese, which is stored after a month of maturation in the dairy in the natural stone cave. After 4 months of maturation and care, this blue cheese develops its pleasantly savory taste and a texture reminiscent of butter. Due to the high humidity in the bunker convinced this blue cheese, especially by its creaminess and the fine enamel. A real pleasure!