South Tyrolean cheese specialties

Raw milk cheeses are our passion! We obtain our high-quality raw materials from selected alpine dairies. It is important for us to know the companies and the people behind them. This is the only way we can have cheese specialties after ripening in the natural bunker.

Hubert Stockner is constantly on the lookout for extra special varieties of cheese and small dairies that still practice traditional cheesemaking. Here too he places great importance on sustainabilitiy, which, among other things, means silage-free feeding. This has given him the name “Genussjäger” (pleasure-hunter) – a name, incidentally, is borne by one of his cheeses.

Ripening & storage


Selected South Tyrolean and international cheeses are stored in the GenussBunker and ripes there for months or years to special cheese specialties.

Unique ambience


The cheese master, fromelier and beer sommelier Hubert Stockner cordially invites you to tasting cheese specialties in the unique ambience of his GenussBunker.

Virtual 3d tour

Magic place!

Enter with us in the world of cheese.


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